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Link to 2006 Badwater Report

2005 Western States 100 and Badwater 135 Ultra

David Harper - WS100 Finisher 29:38

David Harper - Badwater Finisher 52:41

Note on most pictures on all these pages, if you hold your mouse pointer on the picture without moving it, you will get a desciption of the photo.

Link to 2006 Badwater Report

The Press

I was fortunate to have been featured in stories in the Orlando Sentinel, Lake Magazine, the West Orange Times, the South Lake Press.

Orlando Sentinel Newspaper Article September 2005

Lake Magazine Article September 2005

West Orange Times Newspaper Article June 2005

Lake Sentinel Newspaper Article March 22, 2005


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Man what an adventure. To tackle both the Western States 100 and the Badwater 135 in the same year, and only two weeks apart. One hundred miles of rugged trails with 18,000 feet of climbing, followed two weeks later with what is considered the most difficult and extreme running race in the world.

I would fly to Reno, to do the Western States 100 miles that goes from Squaw Valley to Auburn, then head to Death Valley to prepare for Badwater. Three and one half weeks away from home with the only mission being to complete both of these incredible races.

I have to thank my wife and family for being so supportive of this craziness. It's not every wife that would not only ALLOW her husband to go away for 3 1/2 weeks, to Calfornia/Las Vegas area, leaving her with 3 wonderful, but very challenging kids, but to actually support these endevors with the enthusiasm she shows is more than I have a right to expect. During Badwater she was glued to the computer and getting a few rare phone updates from the crew as we progressed. She sent e-mail updates to friends during the course of the days and nights I was on the road.

I was able to actually call Tamara at around mile 122 of the course, and she read me several e-mails that had been going back and forth. By that time, I had recovered from the first night's problems, and was on a mission seeking out runners in front of me to pass. Finding out so many were watching, just provided more inspiration and motivation to push hard.

She is something else and I think I'm a very lucky person.

I flew to Reno on June 23, for a June 25 start of Western States. Flying first to Phoenix, then to Reno, had us actually passing over parts of Death Valley. The starting point for my soon to come Badwater attempt.

While sitting in the plane, looking down, I wrote these words… “What a sight! The words that come to mind are foreboding… evil… deadly. I can almost hear the desert whispering, “Expect no quarter here Dave, we are playing for keeps, Let’s see what you’ve got”. I have a hollow feeling in my stomach. I know I will be tested down there like never before. How hot will it be? REALLY how hot on the asphalt? What will it feel like to breath that first breath of 125 degree air into my lungs? "

I honest to God do not know if I am going to be able to pull this off. I know more than a few people think I'm in over my head here, and I can't help but wonder if they are right?

But that’s two weeks away. First I have to contend with a little race called the Western States 100, the largest and most prestigious 100 mile trail ultra in the world. I did Western States last year, and it was the most difficult thing I could imagine. I expected this year to be easier, to be a few hours faster. I had done it before, I was very fit, I was ready. NOT!

2005 Western States Race Report

2005 Badwater Race Report

Photo Albums

2005 Western States

After WS and Before Badwater

After WS and Before Badwater 2

After WS and Before Badwater 3 with Desert Foxes

Crewing Steve James Solo Badwater Effort(Ben Jones Classic)

2005 Badwater 135 Ultra

The Start

The Crew

On The Road

The Last Miles and Finish

Desert Fox I saw while hiking before Badwater