I wore Rail Riders clothes in both races start to finish. Using long sleeve Eco-Mesh Shirt for all of Western States and anytime I was in the sun at Death Valley. At Western States, I would soak the shirt with water in creeks as I crossed them, and for the following climb, it was like being in air conditioned comfort. They could not have performed any better. In the night at Badwater, and the final climb, I wore the Eco-Mesh short sleeve shirt. These products are fast drying, super cool, yet protect from the sun. In addition to the shirts, I wore the long Eco-Mesh Pants in the sun of Death Valley. The performed as well as the shirt, and never did I wish I had shorts. In fact, I know the protection these pants were providing, as after Badwater, around the area where heat came from the road up the cuff of the pants, I had large fluid filled blisters right above where my socks stopped. That was just from the continuous heat coming from the road. Others in the race that opted for shorts had similar heat blisters and rashes all the way up their legs. In addition to racing in these clothes, I wore(after washing them!) both the pants and shirts almost all the time when traveling, at awards ceremonies, and in Las Vegas casinos. After putting on clean tan Eco-Mesh pants, and a long white Eco-Mesh shirt and going to the Western States awards cermemony, people were asking why I got all dressed up. These are great wearing, super products, and I feel very fortunate that I used these products in my races and travels. I'm a customer for life. I have to thank John at Rail Riders for his support in these races.

Photos all through the 2005 Western States and Badwater sections have photos with the Rail Riders clothes. www.railriders.com

Getting Sprayed down with water at Westner States / Dusty Corners by a very nice looking aid station worker. Eco-Mesh Long Sleeve Shirt.

Eco Mesh Pants and Shirt in Death Valley.

If I was in the desert, I had my Rail Riders Long Sleeves on. This was a 3 1/2 hour pre Badwater hiking trip.