The Suunto T-6 Wrist Computer I used for both Western States and Badwater was the coolest thing I've seen. Firstly, it performs flawlessly. Both here at home, and in both races. In the past, I've used other top brands of Heart Rate Monitors, and all of them give me occasional crazy readings(or I have some serious heart problems). I've not seen anything that was not perfectly reasonable with the T6. The fact that this wrist computer also tracks and logs altitude is just incredible. AND has software to load, and graph Heartrate, Altitude, Respiratory Rate, and 3 or 4 other items is just incredible. You can go for an hour run, then spend an hour looking at all the data it's collected. It's really neat and I'm loving it. Even the small hills we have here around Sugarloaf are tracked precisely on my runs.

Items I've also got, that will integrate into the same software and graphs, but I've yet to experiment with, are the footpod that will measure my running distance and speed as I'm running, and the Bike Transmitter, that will keep speed, and distance, again, as it also tracks altitude and heartrate all for downloading and graphing on the computer.

I also happen to wear the Suunto Stainless Observer wrist computer when I'm at work (as a financial advisor). It looks great, very distinctive and people ask me what it is(one guy asked who was wearing a Rolex). Plus, if I ever need to know what direction is North, what the weather holds, what the atlitude is(ok, not a lot of use for that here in Florida), or get to escape for a run, I'm prepared.

Special thanks to Diana, (and Melissa, who by coincidence used to live in Clermont) for their help in providing the Suunto products to me.

Suunto T-6

Suunto Observer Stainless

Suunto Training Software